To The End User

WHF Lighting

WHF Lighting has a passion in innovative lighting solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in lighting will take you to another level of experience in Lighting. WHF Lighting provides superior indoor and outdoor lighting solutions as per every individual’s requirement.

WHY WHF Lighting

•Experienced in all aspects of Lighting.

•Experienced in handling European, Chinese and other lighting brands.

•In-depth technical knowledge in Lighting.

•Professional way of approach

•Unbelievable after sales service as per the conditions of sales.

•Providing Lighting designs, Supplying Light fixtures and proper installation as per the customer requirement.

•Guiding to reduce electrical consumption and reduce electricity bill which is caused by Lighting.

•We make custom made Chandeliers, pendants, Floor stand Lamps and Table lamps as per the requirement.

To Architects & Designers

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Each and every architects dream is to transform the unique idea and design in to visuals which they prepared with a great effort. WHF Lighting will provide you all solutions in lighting and support you to fulfill the lighting needs by assisting you in both designing and technical. WHF Lighting will collaborate with you from designing stage up to completion and reduce the work load & save time by providing professional approach in lighting segment.

Every solution is engineered according to international standards. WHF Lighting will work on quality of the light fitting, technical aspects of lighting, and distribution of lighting in order to align beauty and function within any given environment. WHF lighting solutions will provide lighting calculations where it is necessary and supply and install the accurate light fitting as per the requirement. We make custom made Chandeliers, pendants, Floor stand Lamps and Table lamps as per the given unique design.

To Contractors & Construction Professionals

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WHF Lighting solutions will collaborate with contractors, engineers and other construction professionals to ensure a better service. WHF Lighting will provide proposals of Light fittings as per the budget, specifications and all technical information, deliver the materials on time as per the sales terms & conditions, WHF Lighting coordinates & communicates about accurate production and delivery schedules and maintain a professional communication method till Completion of the project. Kindly contact us for inquiries ATPL course to become a commercial pilot.

Repairing of LED Light Fittings

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Repairing of LED Light fittings, comparatively cost effective than replacing a whole unit. WHF Lighting is doing it at a reasonable cost for some light fittings. Please kindly contact us, we will provide you the information about the status whether it can be repaired or not.

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